Cover Reveal of Find Me If You Dare and Giveaway!

Today we’re excited for Vicki Leigh’s cover reveal of her second book in her Dreamcatcher series, Find Me If You Dare!


We love Vicki and her cover too! Tawney was at Vicki’s launch party for the first book Catch Me When I Fall and she’s super excited for this one!

Are you ready?





find me if you dare


Creeptastic!!!!! Check out the book’s synopsis!


FIND ME IF YOU DARE (Dreamcatcher #2)

Curiosity Quills Press
December 1, 2015

They may have won the first battle, but the Apocalypse has just begun.

Five weeks have passed since the battle that left Rome and Columbus in ruins. Sheltered in the hidden city of Caelum, Daniel and Kayla train alongside over one hundred Magus and Protectors, hoping that their unified ranks will be enough to take down their greatest threat yet: Richard, his followers, and his horde of Nightmares. Then a fallen comrade is returned to Caelum with a message carved into his chest and a note referencing the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and Daniel knows their time for training is over.

Finally understanding Richard’s plans for Kayla and the three other Magus born on Halloween, Daniel and the rest of Caelum’s volunteers scout the U.S. in a desperate attempt to stop their enemy before he can unleash his first Horseman. But when massive attacks claim thousands of lives, people all over the world begin to fall ill—including those Daniel and Kayla care about the most.

With the Horseman of Pestilence released, Daniel knows it’s time to step aside and let Kayla take the lead. Only she has the power to rival her father’s. But when Richard’s plot turns out to be darker than they imagined, their fight is met with more death and destruction—and an enemy who might be unbeatable, after all.



Now, what’s a cover reveal party without a GIVEAWAY?! Vicki’s celebrating with giving a lot of books away! Click on this link to enter –> a Rafflecopter giveaway (Note: the giveaway IS open internationally!)


Here’s what she’s giving away!

  • 20 copies of CATCH ME WHEN I FALL (Book One of the Dreamcatcher Series)
  • a signed copy of CITY LOVE by Susane Colasanti
  • The Vampire Diaries wall poster of Damon Salvatore
  • a copy of SHADOW STUDY by Maria V. Snyder
  • 5 handmade dream catchers
  • a poster of the SORCERER HEIR series, signed by Cinda Chima
  • 2 posters of the cover of DOON, signed by Carey Corp and Lorie Langdon.
  • a poster of the cover of DAMSEL DISTRESSED, signed by Kelsey Macke
  • a poster of Melissa Lander’s ALIENATED cover




Look Out Wednesday: Glass Sword

It’s Wednesday and that means it’s our weekly post that spotlights upcoming books we can’t wait to read. This book this week is on my radar. It has been since I finished RED QUEEN. Since I waited for for the sequel news.


Today I want to bring to your attention GLASS SWORD by Victoria Aveyard.



  • Series: Red Queen (Book 2)
  • Hardcover: 464 pages
  • Publisher: HarperTeen (February 9, 2016)

If there’s one thing Mare Barrow knows, it’s that she’s different.

Mare Barrow’s blood is red—the color of common folk—but her Silver ability, the power to control lightning, has turned her into a weapon that the royal court tries to control.

The crown calls her an impossibility, a fake, but as she makes her escape from Maven, the prince—the friend—who betrayed her, Mare uncovers something startling: She is not the only one of her kind.

Pursued by Maven, now a vindictiv king, Mare sets out to find and recruit other Red-and-Silver fighters to join in the struggle against her oppressors.

But Mare finds herself on a deadly path, at risk of becoming exactly the kind of monster she is trying to defeat.

Will she shatter under the weight of the lives that are the cost of rebellion? Or have treachery and betrayal hardened her forever?

The electrifying next installment in the Red Queen series escalates the struggle between the growing rebel army and the blood-segregated world they’ve always known—and pits Mare against the darkness that has grown in her soul



I can’t wait to get my grabby hands on this book! Only 7 months!


Love Tawney Twin


Book Friday! On The Look Out

Kristen Twin here. I’m listing the upcoming books we can’t wait to read. There are a lot of awesome books coming out this fall and too many to list in one blog. I decided to choose two books this week. So, here are my two picks… The first book is Wendy Darling by Colleen Oakes. This book is a retelling of Peter Pan but with a dark twist on the classic story. I received the ARC and plan on starting this book this weekend. It sounds amazing and I can’t wait to go back to Neverland. The next book is The Red Sun by Alane Adams. This book brings Norse Mythology to life and gives you a great adventure with witches, magical creatures and Norse Gods. If you like Percy Jackson, you’ll love The Red Sun. I recently read this book and we will have a review up Monday! Yay! I am SO excited for these books to come out! I’m a big fan of the story of Peter Pan and the adventures of Percy Jackson. These books are perfect to escape reality and immerse yourself into another world!



wendyFrom the Best-Selling Author o
f Queen of Hearts comes a dark and mesmerizing twist on the beloved Children’s Classic, Peter Pan.

Wendy Darling has a perfectly agreeable life with her parents and brothers in wealthy London, as well as a budding romance with Booth, the neighborhood bookseller’s son. But while their parents are at a ball, the charmingly beautiful Peter Pan com

From the Best-Selling Author of Queen of Hearts comes a dark and mesmerizing twist on the beloved Children’s Classic, Peter Pan.

Wendy Darling has a perfectly agreeable life with her parents and brothers in wealthy London, as well as a budding romance with Booth, the neighborhood bookseller’s son. But while their parents are at a ball, the charmingly beautiful Peter Pan comes to the Darling children’s nursery and—dazzled by this flying boy with god-like powers—they follow him out of the window and straight on to morning, to Neverland, a intoxicating island of feral freedom.

As time passes in Neverland, Wendy realizes that this Lost Boy’s paradise of turquoise seas, mermaids, and pirates holds terrible secrets rooted in blood and greed. As Peter’s grasp on her heart tightens, she struggles to remember where she came from—and begins to suspect that this island of dreams, and the boy who desires her—have the potential to transform into an everlasting nightmare.

Paperback, 256 pages

Expected publication: October 13th 2015 by SparkPress


After meeting a strange dwarf in his garage and finding out his substitute English teacher is a witch, twelve-year-old Sam Baron travels through a stonefire to the magical realm of Orkney where he finally learns the truth about his past: his mother is a witch and his fat
her is a descendant of the Norse god, Odin.
“The Red Sun” is the first book in The Legends of Orkney, the A
fter meeting a strange dwarf in his garage and finding out his substitute English teacher is a witch, twelve-year-old Sam Baron travels through a stonefire to the magical realm of Orkney where he finally learns the truth about his past: his mother is a witch and his father is a descendant of the Norse god, Odin.
“The Red Sun” is the first book in The Legends of Orkney, the spellbinding series of adventure fantasy novels by Alane Adams. It follows Sam to the realm of Orkney where witches, wraiths, and other menacing creatures cause serious peril to the unsuspecting Sam. Now, it’s up to him to save his friends and all of Orkney from a cursed red sun. Can a young witch girl named Mavery help him?

Drawing on Norse mythology, this fantastical story will enthrall middle grade and tween readers with a taste for adventure. As Sam grapples with dark and dangerous elements from his past and confronts his own simmering anger over long ago events, “The Red Sun” sears with wild imagination and breathtaking moments. Follow “The Red Sun” for the high-flying magical ride of your life

Hardback, 346 pages

Expected publication: August 04, 2015 by SparkPress



Don’t these books sound great? Until next time!

Love Kristen


Look out Wednesday: Uppercase Box

Today on Look Out Wednesday we want you to know about a subscription box. A box full of awesomeness! 


There are many subscription boxes you can subscribe to like nerd block for geeks or ipsy for beauty products. But this one holds the cake. It’s a box subscription for a YA book and a bookish goody each month! 


This magnificent subscription is called Uppercase. What a wonderful idea! I had the pleasure of interviewing the founder of Uppercase, Lisa Parkin because this is such an intriguing concept…and I’m so excited about this subscription!

Let’s begin…..

Tell us a little about Uppercase!

Uppercase is a YA book of the month subscription box. Every month, we mail a recently published young adult book that we read and personally recommend as well as a few bookish items and exclusive author content (like signed bookplates and videos).
What process do you go through when picking your book for the month?
Great question! I’ve been a YA book blogger at Read.Breathe.Relax. for four years, so I receive advanced copies of books I’m really excited to read. For a book to be chosen for Uppercase, it has to be something I genuinely loved in addition to being unique. I also make sure the books are appropriate for ages 13 and older.
Plus, the books we choose have to published the same month or the month previous to the current mailing.
How do you decide what bookish items go into an Uppercase box with the book of the month?
This part is really challenging but one of the most fun parts. I scour the Internet for funky and quirky bookish items I think will make a great addition to the box. Some of my favorite items we’ve sent are Jane Austen tattoos and a custom BookiEmoji tote bag!
I’ve also been working with graphic designers and artists to create exclusive items you can’t find anywhere else.
I’ve seen from pictures that you write personal notes, do you write them to all your subscribers?
Yes, I do! I love creating a personal connection with my subscribers. We’re all part of a huger YA book community, and I try to create a more close-knit feel with Uppercase.
Our Personalized subscribers get a bit of a longer note, but then again I hand-pick a book just for them. :)

I’m proud to say that I am now a member! Can you hint to what book might be next in July? ;-)

Nice try, Tawney!! All I’ll say is that the July book is a bit of a different selection and one I think a lot of readers will relate to.
Thank you Lisa for the interview! I’m truly exited for my first box! Here are pictures of the previous past selections of Uppercase boxes.
uppercase uppercase 2
Aren’t they awesome? For more information and FAQs regarding Uppercase, visit the blog here.
I’ll post my first box shortly when receiving it, so stay tuned!
Love Tawney

Book Friday: The Witch Hunter Review

I just love this book you guys! And the cover is gorgeous. Let’s take a look at The Witch Hunter! 


  • Hardcover: 368 pages
  • Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
  • Rating:  4 our of 5 stars


Goodreads Description. 

Your greatest enemy isn’t what you fight, but what you fear.





Elizabeth Grey is one of the king’s best witch hunters, devoted to rooting out witchcraft and doling out justice. But when she’s accused of being a witch herself, Elizabeth is arrested and sentenced to burn at the stake.


Salvation comes from a man she thought was her enemy. Nicholas Perevil, the most powerful and dangerous wizard in the kingdom, offers her a deal: he will save her from execution if she can break the deadly curse that’s been laid upon him.

But Nicholas and his followers know nothing of Elizabeth’s witch hunting past–if they find out, the stake will be the least of her worries. And as she’s thrust into the magical world of witches, ghosts, pirates, and one all-too-handsome healer, Elizabeth is forced to redefine her ideas of right and wrong, of friends and enemies, and of love and hate.

Virginia Boecker weaves a riveting tale of magic, betrayal, and sacrifice in this unforgettable fantasy debut.


Tawney’s Review:


I’ve always had a fascination with witches and magic. When I heard about Virginia’s book I was immensely intrigued and totally ready to read The Witch Hunter. I picked the book up at the Teen Author Carnival when I was in New York, where I met Virginia! She is just as fantastic in person. I immediately dived into the book. I’m glad I did. 

The book is set in an alternate 16th century England where our main character Elizabeth Grey, is a witch hunter. She’s part of an elite group set up by the king to hunt down those who perform illegal magic, whether it’s witches or wizards. They’re called Reformists. Magic is considered evil and laws have been erected to put those who do magic to death.  



But there’s a problem, Elizabeth has been off her game lately making mistakes and soon she is accused of being a witch. She’s arrested and sentenced to death by fire only to be saved by the powerful wizard named Nicholas Perevil. He needs Elizabeth to help break a curse set upon him by another wizard. A seer told Nicholas that she is the only one who can break it. And so sets an adventure that I couldn’t stop turning the page. 

Elizabeth was a sassy, humorous character that made me laugh out loud plenty of times. That’s rare for me.  There’s one scene in the very beginning where Elizabeth gets drunk and Virginia did a wonderful job at the humor in those pages. Not only is the character sassy but strong and brave. She doesn’t hold back when things need to be done. 



There were so many other great characters! The Fool, a pirate but there was one that did stand out. I do have to say I loved John. He was such an adorable love interest for Elizabeth! He was a healer who helped heal her back from almost being dead because of the prison conditions. They had a connection! It was a sweet romance that was just a sliver of the book.



Virginia did a wonderful job at the plot and the world building! There was so many twists and turns but I never got lost. The ending even shocked me!  I love when that happens. The book flowed with such vivid description and intense action scenes I felt like I was reading a movie….I like that concept. Movie. I would totally watch that. 

This was a well written book that was fast paced and entertaining. I flipped every page as fast as I could read to finish it. I’m definitely going to be following Virginia and her next books because I have no doubt they will be just as fantastic as The Witch Hunter!




Virginia Boecker recently spent four years in London obsessing over English medieval history, which formed the basis of The Witch Hunter. She now lives in the Bay Area, California with her husband and spends her days writing, reading, running, and chasing around her two children and a dog named George.

In addition to English kings, nine-day queens, and Protestant princesses, her other obsessions include The Smiths, art museums, champagne, and Chapstick. She is represented by the incomparable Kathleen Ortiz at New Leaf Literary & Media.



Eight Hundred Grapes Review

I love wine. Red and white liquid gold.


Today’s book pours a fantastic story together with great characters and a wonderful setting that keeps us interested until it’s finished, just like a good glass of wine.

Let’s take a look at Eight Hundred Grapes!



  • Hardcover: 272 pages
  • Publisher: Simon & Schuster (June 2, 2015)
  • Language: English

There are secrets you share, and secrets you hide….
Growing up on her family’s Sonoma vineyard, Georgia Ford learned some important secrets. The secret number of grapes it takes to make a bottle of wine: eight hundred. The secret ingredient in her mother’s lasagna: chocolate. The secret behind ending a fight: hold hands.

But just a week before her wedding, thirty-year-old Georgia discovers her beloved fiancé has been keeping a secret so explosive, it will change their lives forever.

Georgia does what she’s always done: she returns to the family vineyard, expecting the comfort of her long-married parents, and her brothers, and everything familiar. But it turns out her fiancé is not the only one who’s been keeping secrets…



My Review:  I have always loved the wine country. This book is set in California’s Sonoma wine country, with a variety of wonderful characters! I must admit I drank wine while reading it because who can resist when Laura’s words and description make you feel like you’re right there making the wine yourself.


Georgia Ford grew up on her parents wine vineyard, so she knows a lot about wine! Her father decided this would be his second career, so that’s what drew them into the wine business. As Georgia wedding is a week away, she see’s her fiancé walking down the street with a woman and a small child. Turns out that he has kept a secret from her, this is his love child with a very famous woman.

wine 4


So in emotional distress, Georgia goes back home to the vineyard to contemplate what her next step is. But the surprises just keep coming. Her parents are separated, her brothers are at odds with their wives. The big bomb that drops is that her father is selling the vineyard they all love to a big corporate wine monster.

wine 5

Laura does a wonderful job weaving these stories together into a wonderful conclusion. What I love about this books it the fact the characters are personal and you connect with them. All the relationships are complex and you can’t help but keep turning each page, and gulping some wine, to find out what happens next. The dialogue between the characters is wonderful and Laura casts a spell on you with her words.

You can tell that Laura did her research on the trials of having a wine vineyard with weather, soil and life getting in the way. Her descriptions are so vivid that sometimes I can smell or taste the wine. I love how Laura lets us have a peek at the background to the vineyard’s making in some short chapters. It let’s us see how that intertwines into the current problems.

This book is not only a romance read but you can walk away with a lesson on life and relationships all through the wonderful words of wine making. It includes characters struggling with infidelity, divorce, child rearing, surprise pregnancies, lost love, and aging. So much drama but such a good story to finish. Much better than what’s on TV these days.

Should you read it? YES! The writing is beautiful and the characters engaging. One recommendation, drink some wine with the book and immerse yourself into a fun, emotional story.

wine 7



Thank you so much Simon & Schuster for providing me a copy for review. This in  no way affects my opinion of the book.



About the Author:

lauradave2011Laura Dave is the author of the critically acclaimed novels The First Husband, The Divorce Party, London Is The Best City In America, and the forthcoming Eight Hundred Grapes. Dave’s fiction and essays have been published in The New York Times, ESPN, Redbook, Glamour and Ladies Home Journal.

Dubbed “a wry observer of modern love” (USA Today), Dave has appeared on CBS’s The Early Show, Fox News Channel’s Fox & Friends and NPR’s All Things Considered.  Cosmopolitan Magazine recently named her a “Fun and Fearless Phenom of the Year.”

Three of her novels have been optioned for the big screen with Dave adapting Eight Hundred Grapes for Fox2000.

Follow Laura on twitter, Facebook, and/or her blog!




And with that I raise my glass of wine and wish you all a great day!

wine 8

Love Tawney

Book Friday: The Revealed Review

Kristen here! It’s been a while since I’ve posted. I’ve been busy with edits and such for my book that comes out in October! So glad to be back.

It’s book Friday! Today I’m excited to review a wonderful book with a gorgeous cover!

Let’s take a look at The Revealed by Jessica Hickam.



Title: The Revealed
Author: Jessica Hickman
Genre: Young Adult
Copyright: 2014
Publisher: SparkPress

Pages: 314

Book Synopsis:

Lily Atwood lives in what used to be called Washington, D.C. Her father is one of the most powerful men in the world, having been a vital part of rebuilding and reuniting humanity after the war that killed over five billion people. Now he’s running to be one of its leaders.

But in the rediscovered peace on Earth, a new enemy has risen. They call themselves the Revealed – a powerful underground organization that has been kidnapping 18 year olds across the globe without reservation. No one knows why they are kidnapping these teens, but it’s clear something is different about these people. They can set fires with a snap of their fingers and create a wind strong enough to barrel over a tree with a flick of their wrist. No one has been able to stop them, and they have targeted Lily as their next victim.

But Lily has waited too long to break free from her father’s shadow to let some rebel organization just ruin everything. Not without a fight.




My Review:

If you’re looking for a new type of dystopian book, The Revealed is your book. It was definitely different from the other YA dystopian books out there- The Hunger Games and Divergent. I have to say this story has more of a science fiction feel to it, along with the political, romance and supernatural elements added into the storyline to give it push beyond the typical dystopian story. And Hickman adds a twist with the powers, making me think of the X-Men and the inhumans from Agents of Shield. Who doesn’t want powers? I would love to fly or shapeshift into animas!! Or crawl on walls like Spiderman…


Ok…Truthfully, I’ve read this story twice- once last summer and again this summer. I forgot how this story draws you in and keeps you reading until the very end to find out the secrets behind the Revealed and why they target Lily. You want to find the answers to why 18-year-olds are disappearing and how their powers develop. What caused the war? Hickman does an awesome job at pulling the reader along until she addresses most questions during the second half of the book. Genius!

The characters were well written. We see Lilly’s desire for freedom and her struggles between her parents, The Revealed and especially Kai. I was unsure about Kai but he grows on you. He’s very mysterious and you don’t know if he’s a good guy or bad guy. Then there’s Rory. She’s Lily’s best friend and one of my favorite characters. She’s feisty, strong and makes anyone want to be her friend.


The story was imitative, suspenseful and filled with some surprises. Hickman’s writing style is flawless and amazing. The pages and the story leave you wanting more. I want to know what happens next but I guess that will be revealed in the second book. I can’t wait to read the next installment of The Revealed series and see where Hickman takes us next.



Should you read it? Yes! Jessica Hickman did a wonderful job with this debut novel. Bravo! If you can’t wait for the next Hunger Games movie or you’re craving some mutant action, read The Revealed.


Love Kristen